CES 2013, HEVC, 4K, 8K, soft screens and more

At CES 2013 Orange presented video on demand service on Samsung connected TV based on the new HEVC video codec. This codec enables the bit rate to be cut in half in relation to MPEG4 AVC/H.264 and still provide equivalent quality. So, high definition content (1080p) is accessible at speeds of close to 3Mbps (half of what would be necessary in H.264). HEVC is a new video compression standard (High Efficiency Video Coding). It is also known as H265 and is currently being standardised (draft publication in July 2012 for approval at the end of January 2013) ITU and ISO experts are working on its standardisation terms as part of a joint JCT-VT (Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding) working group:

ImaginLab launching in Brest : a great media coverage

ImaginLab launching in Brest the 4th of October was a great success during the event but also in the media. France 3 Bretagne took the opportunity of the 4G technology to perform a live interview from the Alcatel-Lucent connected car. Please find above a list of online posts. Mondial : Peopledaily - 06/10/11 Telecompaper - 06/10/11 Telecompaper - 04/10/11 Radio : BFM Business : L'atelier numérique 08/10/11 Média France : Le Figaro Économie - 05/10/11 Le - 05/10/11 Straté - 05/10/11 L' - 04/10/11 - 04/10/11 et 02/10/11