Techno Tests

ImaginLab Telecom (4G LTE, FTTH/FTTB, IMS)

ImaginLab provides a new generation telecom network with:

  • IMS Core Network (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
  • Very High Bandwidth optical fiber Access Network (FTTH/FTTB)
  • Very High Bandwidth cellular Access Network (4G LTE, 3GPP Rel. 8 compliant, FDD, 2,6 GHz)

- The 4G LTE access network has been rolled out in Brest with 4 eNodeB and covers the whole city of Brest and its surrounding area.
- The FTTH/FTTB fiber access network and the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and ePC (evolved Packet Core) network cores have been rolled out in Lannion.
- The transport network between the different sites is managed by RENATER.

ImaginLab Digital Television (DVB-T2)

ImaginLab provides a DVB-T2 standard digital television broadcast network. With 2 transmitters in Rennes, this experimental network covers the city and its suburbs according to the configuration selected (terrestrial or mobile type broadcasting).