User Tests

ImaginLab, a Living Lab

 The Living Lab concept puts the end user at the heart of the R&D process. We also refer to user-centred design. User participation from the start and throughout the process enables designers to understand their expectations better and to provide  a better response to their needs.

ImaginLab now has a database featuring several hundred users in Brest, Lannion and Rennes, who have volunteered to test the services of tomorrow. This database is managed according to French data protection laws (CNIL Record No. 1636810 v 0).

 Imaginlab is a member of the European Network of Living Labs ( under the “LEVIER” name. -


ImaginLab and user-centred design

 The methods for recruiting, involving and monitoring tester groups have been created through collaboration with the M@rsouin Scientific Interest Group. These methods include recruitment criteria specification, online surveys, focus group technologies and so on.